The Lion

July 23 - August 22

Keywords:    Expressive, Creative, Dominant, Spontaneous, Lavish

Guardian  Angel:  Lenora


Animal:  Cats

Body area:  Heart, Back, Spine

Color:  Gold, Orange

Element:  Fire 

Flowers:  Sunflower, Marigold

Gem:  Ruby

Herbs:  Saffron, Rosemary, Peppermint

Metal:  Gold

Nature:  Positive

Quality:  Fixed

Ruling Planet:  Sun

Season:  Summer

Symbol:  Lion


The fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo is ruled by  the Sun. This Sun Sign represents the high growing season, and therefore, reflects the abundant generosity of life expressed by most Leo's.   Those born under the sign Leo seem to display both good and bad characteristics all the time.  It's like having a duel personality.

Spontaneous, Creative, Extroverted, Expensive & Powerful are words which best describe Leo.


Relationships Compatibility to Other Signs

Leo with Aries =  Passion & Excitement

Leo with Taurus =  Hmm, Possible (Stubbornness to deal with here)

Leo with Gemini =  Bright & Happy Combination

Leo with Cancer =  Good Possibilities Here

Leo with Leo =  Dynamic Duo

Leo with Virgo =  Not much in Common (Would take a LOT of Compromise) 

Leo with Libra =  Elegant Partners (Requires Mutual Respect)

Leo with Scorpio =  Strong Attraction (Never Boring)

Leo with Sagittarius =  Nice Combination (Fun & Lively)

Leo with Capricorn =  Possible (Better as a Business Combo)

Leo with Aquarius =  No too Realistic (Possible SeeSaw Relationship)

Leo with Pisces =  Great Potential (LOTS of Drawbacks here...)



Leo persons are sincere, genuine and trusting.  They are often considered to be gullible, because they can be 'too' trusting and generous to those they love and care about.   They are not very good judges of character, and often feel those they care about are incapable of doing wrong.  Of course, this is where the Leo learns his lessons, as most people cannot live up to their 'do no wrong' expectations. Although they can be deeply hurt when they feel let down by others, the Leo generally bounces back quickly!

Leo are happy, outgoing and friendly people.  They have a zest for the finer things in life.  First Class is the only way to go for the Leo, and Luxury is simply comfort to them.  On the negative side, they can be quite stubborn  & unyielding when they think they are right!



Leo have romantic, & playful relationships, and can be trusted.  They often go through numerous attractive partners before they settle down.



Leo are most compatible in creative jobs, and offices at the top!  Some career clues would be public relations, lecturing, & theatre.  They prefer to be the boss, rather than the employee!



Leo's are generous people who prefer the finer things in life.  They have an admiration for expensive things, and beautiful people, and like to surround themselves with lavish decorations and classy friends. They have high expectations of others, and can be quite stubborn!


Guardian Angel


Lenora is the Angel of Leo.  Her presence helps the Leo achieve courage and stamina to overcome adversity. With this Angel behind you, the creative force is an ally that allows you to liberate your soul... to experience life in it's purest and most energized possibilities, and to understand the need for passion and desire within your own life.

Lenora represents the challenger and the warrior within. She rules over battlefields... those that exist within the consciousness, AND those that exist within the spirit. Lenora is who the Leo call upon to reach forward into the unknown in their pursuit of experience and love.

How to Connect to Lenora:   Allow her angelic guidance to help you to pursue, to challenge, to conquer your own fears and to face life with conviction, courage and inner belief.

To feel her presence, simply call her name...


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