The Twins

May 21 - June 21

Keywords:    Interact, Communicate, Adapt

Guardian  Angel:  Genna


Animal:  Birds, Butterflies, Monkeys

Body area:  Arms, Shoulders, Lungs, Nerves

Color:  Yellow, Rainbow

Element:  Air 

Flowers:  Lily-of-the-Valley, Lavender

Gem:  Agate

Herbs:  Marjoram, Caraway, Anise

Metal:  Mercury

Nature:  Positive, Masculine

Quality:  Mutable

Ruling Planet:  Mercury

Season:  Early Summer

Symbol:  Twins


The third sign of the zodiac and the strongest of the three air signs, Gemini is ruled by  the Planet Mercury. This Sun Sign represents communications, and begins later Spring. Those born under the sign Gemini can quickly move from place to place. Gemini's are the most versatile and changeable of the air signs, and are rarely what they 'seem' to be.  They may take a stand - make a decision - and take action, then completely change their mind in a flash!  Nothing is EVER written in stone with the Gemini.

Versatile, Changeable, Entertaining Communicating and Airhead are words which best describe Gemini.


Romantic Compatibility to Other Signs

Gemini with Aries =  Excitement

Gemini with Taurus =  Not a match made in Heaven

Gemini with Gemini =  Youthful Love

Gemini with Cancer =  Too flighty for the Cancerian

Gemini with Leo =  Bright & Happy Combination

Gemini with Virgo =  No Passion (But Intellectual Rapport)

Gemini with Libra =  Delightful (Who makes decisions?)

Gemini with Scorpio =  Volatile/Stormy

Gemini with Sagittarius =  Great Adventures Ahead

Gemini with Capricorn =  Don't bother (Good in Business)

Gemini with Aquarius =  Great Passion

Gemini with Pisces =  Lots of Problems



Gemini persons are bright, witty and entertaining, and rarely get deeply absorbed in any one task.  There are just too many things-to-do, places-to-go and people-to-meet for the Gemini to get bogged down in any one commitment! A Gemini tends to feel that they are missing out if they become confined to one thing...

Gemini individuals are usually optimistic people.  They often possess the enthusiasm of a child. Routine is boring, and boring is NOT allowed...  They are often gifted with their hands and seem to truly have the Midas touch.  Everything they touch DOES seem to turn into Gold!



Gemini's are passionate, flirtatious people.  They like to talk til dawn.  When a Gemini is actually confined to a committed relationship, they can be two-timing. They often find it hard to commit to a single relationship.



Gemini's are most compatible in communication minded careers such as public relations, publishing, media, writers, security and anything dealing with telephones. When inclined, they make great musicians as well.



Gemini's are spontaneous people. They  seem to always be looking for what they feel they don't have. As expressed by their symbol the twins, you may never truly know a Gemini as they are multiple in personality, and rarely even know themselves. Although usually the life of the party, the Gemini can easily lose interest in relationships or activities, and can quickly sizzle out!


Guardian Angel


Genna is the Angel of Gemini.  Her presence helps the Gemini achieve  courage and stamina to overcome adversity. With this Angel behind you, the creative force is an ally that allows you to liberate your soul... to experience life in it's purest and most energized possibilities, and to understand the need for passion and desire within your own life.

Genna represents the challenger and the warrior within. She rules over battlefields... those that exist within the consciousness, AND those that exist within the spirit. Genna is who the Gemini's call upon to reach forward into the unknown in their pursuit of experience and love.

How to Connect to Genna:   Allow her angelic guidance to help you to pursue, to challenge, to conquer your own fears and to face life with conviction, courage and inner belief.

To feel her presence, simply call her name...  


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