The Crab

June 22 - July 22

Keywords:    Sensitive, Protective, Tenacious

Guardian  Angel:  Ancestra


Animal:  Crustaceans

Body area:  Chest, Breasts, Stomach

Color:  Grays, Greens

Element:  Water 

Flowers:  White Flowers, Roses

Gem:  Pearl

Herbs:  Tarragon, Verbena

Metal:  Silver

Nature:  Negative

Quality:  Cardinal

Ruling Planet:  Moon

Season:  Autumn

Symbol:  Crab


The fourth sign of the zodiac and the strongest of the three water signs, Cancer is ruled by  the Moon. This Sun Sign represents sensitivity with a powerful structure toward security at home and in  family matters. The Cancerians character is the most perplexing of the twelve zodiac signs.  Cancerians can range from being timid, shy, dull or even withdrawn, to the exact opposite(s) (brilliant, friendly & famous) and quite outgoing.  Cancerians run the gamut on human emotion.  They are fundamentally home-based, and thrive best when feeling secure.

Sensitive, loyal, protective and creative are words which best describe the Cancerians romantic relationships, while leadership, shrewd and thick skinned often describe their professional side.


Romantic Compatibility to Other Signs

Cancer with Aries =  Challenging

Cancer with Taurus = Balanced (Good Business Partners)

Cancer with Gemini =  Too flighty for the Cancerian

Cancer with Cancer =  Match made in Heaven

Cancer with Leo =  Good Possibilities Here

Cancer with Virgo =  Good Support Here

Cancer with Libra =  Balance the Differences

Cancer with Scorpio =  Good Friends or Lovers

Cancer with Sagittarius =  Short Term

Cancer with Capricorn =  Inspired Stability

Cancer with Aquarius =  Attraction (Little Hope of Lasting)

Cancer with Pisces =  No Adventure, No Surprises



Cancerian  persons tend to put up a thick-skin which may be mis-interpreted as a cold demeanor or uncompromising personality, when in fact, they are simply masking their insecure nature.  Their intimate relationships, however, will see a different characteristic of the Cancerian,.. one of sympathy and sensitivity to others, especially those  whom the Cancerian  loves.

Cancer is an energetic, loving, creative, shrewd and intuitive type.  Their ability to tune in to the nature of those they encounter, gives the Cancerian an advantage over other signs of the zodiac, as they can easily identify with others.

Cancerians tend to hold grudges against those who hurt or slight them. They have a l-o-n-g memory, and never let you forget an error!  This trait makes it difficult for others to regain the trust of the Cancerian... Honesty is a number one quality expected by those born under this sign...  If you get caught lying to a Cancerian, you might as well give it up.  Although they are more forgiving than those born under the sign of Scorpio, the Cancerian rarely forgets!

The Cancerian can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.



Cancerians are passionate, generally happy people, and quite domestic.  However emotional, if you cut back on criticism, you can help alleviate their moody and sometimes 'emotional' outbursts.



Cancerians are most compatible in positions which care for others such as nursing homes and hospitals. Because they tend to enjoy the lime-light, other possible career choices might be:  writer, musician, lecturing, Minister or theatre.  



Cancerians are domestic people who are capable of loving deeply. They rarely forget an injustice against them, and almost never let you forget it if you do! They are sensitive individuals who, once taken under their wings, will fight til the last breath to defend or protect those they love.


Guardian Angel


Ancestra is the Angel of Cancer.  Her presence helps the Cancerian achieve  courage and stamina to overcome adversity. With this Angel behind you, the creative force is an ally that allows you to liberate your soul... to experience life in it's purest and most energized possibilities, and to understand the need for passion and desire within your own life.

Ancestra represents the challenger and the warrior within. She rules over battlefields... those that exist within the consciousness, AND those that exist within the spirit. Ancestra is who the Cancerians call upon to reach forward into the unknown in their pursuit of experience and love.

How to Connect to Ancestra:   Allow her angelic guidance to help you to pursue, to challenge, to conquer your own fears and to face life with conviction, courage and inner belief.

To feel her presence, simply call her name...  


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