Life, as I have known it,

has been a wonderful series of collaborating events, one

behind the other.  Some events have taken on the

appearance of being sad and perhaps unmerciful, while

other events have felt joyous and fulfilling.

Most of us wonder why there are

so many ups and downs in life.  If other people have

experiences similar to ours.   Why we are here?  What is

our purpose in this world?  

Why do some people have material wealth, while

others live in poverty;  why do some have families, while

others are alone;  why do we think alike, and yet ...  think so

differently;  why...  Why...  WHY...?  

In an attempt to answer these questions

and help bring meaning and understanding

into our sometimes confused lives,

My Guardian Angels and I have written

a series of booklets which

are entitled the 'One Journey' Series.

Each booklet is designed to help

focus your attention toward improving

the quality of your life...  to help bring you

balance and  an understanding of your

true essence... Your true worth.


These booklets, are based on my 'own' journey.

The many different characters you will meet are

in fact, aspects of myself.  I have given my

various experiences their own place in these stories.

My Journey has led me to a place of love

and understanding for myself, as well as for all.

Although we appear separate, I feel that we

are all truly connected.  There is a common link

between us, which binds us together like the colors of a


I hope that My truth, My journey, will help

to guide you to your 'own' personal truth.

Allow these  inspirational booklets to stimulate your awareness...

remind you of the knowledge you already possess.  Open your mind

and your heart, and take the

first steps toward true understanding, happiness,

and self-transformation...

                                               ^i^  Lyn  ^i^


The "One Journey Series" is a thought provoking collection of channelled guidance written through one of today's most sensitive clairvoyants.  Known for Master level Healing therapy and 'soul path' readings, Minister Lyn offers a glimpse into her private world where inter-dimensional communication is an everyday occurrence.  The author weaves her own spiritual and personal experience throughout the selections, creating an individual connection with the reader that completes these little booklets of wisdom and light.


For information regarding a variety of workshops and training sessions, personal appearances and individual consultations, please e-mail the author at...

One Journey - Book One  of the Series is entitled

'Prior To Arrival'.

As the 'One Journey Series' begins, follow the path

an Angel who is preparing for her 'own' journey...

an experience known as physical life.


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One Journey

The One Journey Series Collection

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