The Pit!


   We are ALL, empaths.  Some to a greater degree than others.  As such, it is common  to absorb feelings, thoughts or emotions of others into our own energy field(s).  This can sometimes cause depression, anger and (at worse), lead us to a state of mind that I call "The Pit".   While in the "PIT", we are at our weakest.   It seems as though we have landed  in a deep, dark hole.  One which seems to have no light..... no way out......

   In most cases, this "PIT" is simply a reaction to the overwhelming combination of energies we have encountered over a period of time,  and unconsciously, taken on as our own.   Unfortunately, we are completely unaware of this fact.  We do not realize that the extreme sadness we feel belongs to others...  It's not OUR sadness and pain...  We've been carrying it around so long, that it actually SEEMS to be our own!

   SOLUTION! ...  When depression is creeping upon you, .. take a minute and ask...  "WHAT EXACTLY AM I SO DEPRESSED ABOUT?"...   If you can't seem to pinpoint a problem,... one that is serious enough to warrant your extreme sadness,  then the pain your experiencing, probably isn't your's at all.... 

   At this point, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself... "If it's not 'MY' pain,... let it go !"   Within only moments,  you should begin to feel lighter,.. as though several pounds have been miraculously lifted off your shoulders.    ...      What you have accomplished, is removing the pain and energy of others, from your OWN energy field,  which allows you to clean out your 'space'.

.....   LYN

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